Sociable smart cities

The biggest challenge smart cities face is not the technology, but the fact that we have to rethink our future in order to cope with societal challenges. Rather than questioning what design and technology can do, the question is: How can we design for collective action and societal change in the light of future smart cities?

As one of the speakers Ingrid introduced her vision on social smart cities and the corresponding complex participatory approach using making and co-creation to empower people driving social change. What are the challenges for design(ers)? Which opportunities does Rotterdam provide for co-creating a sociable smart city?

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Mulder, I. (2014). Sociable Smart Cities: Rethinking our future through co-creative partnerships. In: N. Streitz and P. Markopoulos (Eds.). Distributed, Ambient, and Pervasive Interactions 2014,pp. 566–574, Springer International Publishing Switzerland.

Sociable smart cities - Ingrid Mulder