Public Space: Fights and Fictions – Interview with Nana Adusei-Poku

Who gets to be ‘the public’? Conversation with Nana Adusei-Poku

Nana Adusei-Poku is Research Professor in Cultural Diversity at Rotterdam University and a lecturer in Media Arts at the Univer- sity of the Arts, Zurich. Following degrees in African studies and gender studies at Humboldt University and in media and com- munications at Goldsmiths College, Univer- sity of London, her work as a scholarship doctoral student at Humboldt-Universität, Berlin, focused on the curatorial concept of ‘post-black’ in relation to contempo- rary Black artists. She has been a visiting scholar at the University of Ghana, Legon, the London School of Economics, and Co- lumbia University, New York. Among her publications, she contributed “The Chal- lenge to Conceptualise the Multiplicity of Multiplicities – Post-Black Art and Its Intri- cacies” to Post-racial Imaginaries, a spe- cial issue of Dark Matter in 2015. Here, in conversation with Léopold Lambert, editor of The Funambulist, and Meriem Chabani of New South, Nana discusses the thinkers who can provide frameworks for reassess- ing what we mean when we say ‘public’, the power of non-mixed spaces, and opacity as an alternative to the dominant narrative of tolerance.

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