Presentatie Emilia Pucci


IK BEN STER(K) a peer-to-peer talent development platform empowering young adults


by Emilia Louisa Pucci


Thursday, June 13th, 17:00 to 19:00


Wijkwaardenhuis, Pretorialaan 141, Afrikaanderwijk, Rotterdam.


The presentation reports her graduation project for the MSc Design for Interaction, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft that was undertaken with Creating 010 and Stadslab 010 under supervision of Prof.dr. David Keyson, Dr. Ingrid Mulder and Leo Remijn, MSc.


The current project serves as a best practice of empowering young adults who are somewhat stigmatized in a lower level of society through understanding their potential by uncovering their passions, interests, and talents. The corresponding talent development platform increases their level of participation and allows them to self-promote their value within their own community using new open technologies.


A discussion on the role of educational projects in the area of talent empowerment will follow, with the possibility to share dinner and drinks in the location of the Wijkwaardenhuis.