Lecture by Huey Copeland

As part of WORM’s Afro-futurism Now! Creating 010 is supporting and co-organizing a special lecture by American art historian Huey Copeland from Northwestern University in conjunction with the WdKA makes a Difference project.

WdKA makes a Difference is a participatory action reserach project from the Lectorat Cultural Diversity, which does not only resreach the art-school and decolonises the Curriculum, it also provides lectures, that are supposed to enrich the spectrum of non-western and post-colonial art projects and perspectives in art-history.

Huey Copeland will talk about Sun Ra as an icon and prophet for contemporary artists from Africa, Europe, and especially the United States. Copeland will show how Sun Ra was more than a visionary of jazz and avant-garde music. Today, he has also become a point of reference for visual artists who turn to the past for their utopian visions of the future.

Before Huey’s talk, we will show “The Magic Sun”, Phill Niblock’s experimental film documentary of Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra performing in 1966. Shot on negative black-and-white film with ultra-close ups of the musicians, this is a classic of underground filmmaking with a sensational soundtrack.

The evening will be concluded with Ephraim Asili’s film “Points On A Space Age” from 2009 which documents the Sun Ra Arkestra performing after the death of its musical and spiritual leader.

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