Event: Creating010 at CulTech2015 (Part 2)

On June 29 and 30 the ‘7th Communities and Technologies (C&T) Conference’ will be held in Limerick (Ireland).

On Saturday, June 27, Ingrid Mulder will join Digital Cities 9 – Hackable Cities: From Subversive City Making to Systemic Change, where she elaborates upon urban interaction design and will discuss her current work with Peter Kun on hacking, making, and prototyping for social change. On Sunday, June 28, Ingrid Mulder presents a paper entitled ‘citizen-generated data towards connected sustainability’ at the Connected Sustainability workshop. The paper elaborates upon Rotterdam Open Data and addresses bottom-up participatory innovation and explores how citizens’ rich data can empower policy makers for significant policy changes.

Click here for an overview of the workshops.