Encrypt all your things

Studium Generale lecture on April 15th by Arne Padmos

Encrypt all your things, Cryptography as a technical solution and a design problem.

This lecture will be the 5th in our series on the theme of paradigm shifts.

CryptographyData, time: Wednesday April 15, 17.00

Location: Wijnhaven 107, H.2.318

Throughout the last decades, the security field has been faced with greater access and ubiquity of computer systems, increased professionalisation of computer crime, and a growing focus on the problems of terrorism and cyber conflict. This has gone hand in hand with greater government and citizen reliance on automation, calls for increased policing and punishment, and gradual securitisation of cyberspace. One trend that could avert disaster is the ubiquitous application of cryptography in everyday life. Cryptography may be a solution to both widespread criminality and government surveillance.

Whereas cryptography was the domain of spooks and soldiers up to the 1970s, cryptography has now moved from the military to the masses. It has become one of the pillars of our digital society. For example, cryptography forms the foundation of Internet banking, online shopping, and mobile telecommunications. However, to achieve ubiquitous cryptography, we have to change our perspective from “security by design” to “security as design”. We need to start seeing cryptography as a design problem. Cryptography will need to work within a consumerist and control society that banks on the obsolescence of gadgets and on obedience to the system.

Cryptography is both a technical solution and a design problem. This lecture will give you the tools that you can use to protect yourself. It will also introduce you to current design challenges and what you can do to help solve them.

You are very welcome to attend this lecture and to bring interested friends and colleagues.

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