Empowerment through Making & Prototyping – Unleashing new creative processes with users

On Wednesday August 5, 2015 Dr. Ingrid Mulder and Emilia Louisa Pucci, MSc are co-chairing a special session entitled  “Empowerment through Making & Prototyping – Unleashing new creative processes with users”, at the 3rd International Conference on Distributed, Ambient and Pervasive Interactions.

The Maker Movement is providing all kinds of people around the world with the tools and infrastructures to unleash their intrinsic ability to create, make and innovate. This spreading trend of learning-by-doing has the potential to empower people in doing things unthinkable before, through 3D printing, laser cutting, Internet of Things, electronics, etc. Yet, we need to address how the access to these tools can be facilitated to uninitiated and underprivileged communities in order to provide them with a broader skill set than just the ability to use a tool or machine to re-create a predefined template.

Collaborative environment

In this special session on academics, researchers and practitioners known in the field for their acknowledged work share the outcomes of ongoing or completed work addressing the transformational role digital fabrication can have when users’ creative thinking and autonomous initiative are fostered by designers and educators in a collaborative environment, allowing the development of resilient/empowered communities.

  • The transformative potential of Making in teacher education. A Case Study on Teacher Training through Making and Prototyping – Susanna Tesconi, Lucía Arias, Spain
  • Makers With a Cause: Fabrication, Reflection and Community Collaboration – Foad Hamidi, Melanie Baljko, Canada
  • Co-Design Practice in a Smart City Context through the Gamification Approach: a Survey about the most Suitable Applications – Antonio Opromolla, Valentina Volpi, Andrea Ingrosso, Carlo Maria Medaglia, Italy
  • Star(t) to Shine: Unlocking Hidden Talents through Sharing and Making – Emilia Louisa Pucci, USA; Ingrid Mulder, Netherlands
  • Co-creation in Context: the user as co-creator approach – Ingrid Mulder, Fenne Van Doorn, Pieter Jan Stappers, Netherlands

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Empowerment through Making