Creating 010 workshop ‘Claim your smart citizenship’ at Design & The City conference

Claim your smart citizenship: How networked citizens can get a grip on their own smart city

As part of the Design & The City, Amsterdam, 22 April 2016, Creating 010 organises a hands-on workshop for prototyping a ‘layman toolkit’ for engaging citizens in smart city design. Participants will get an understanding of a participatory approach for multi-stakeholder smart city design and a self-build prototype for engaging citizens.

Workshop theme
In this workshop we explore how networked citizens can get a grip on their own smart city and what role designers can play in enabling networked citizens to design and make their own smart application. Lately, there’s a growing interest in finding opportunities for issues that are very personal and/or focus on social or societal value rather than on profit or business opportunities by default. IoT literacy is of crucial importance for empowering those who are interested to turn smart cities to social benefits for citizens by themselves. But how could citizens become more aware of the possibilities and benefits of (local) IoT networks and devices, and (co)create those themselves?

This DIY workshop is a next step to engage with the networked people, in which students, urban citizens, designers, and policymakers work together to realise a low-fidelity working prototype of a ‘layman toolkit’ for creating networked (smart) devices.

See more information and the Call for Proposals.