Peter Troxler

Peter Troxler


Research Professor, de revolutie van de maakindustrie (the revolution in manufacturing)

Peter studies the impact of new, direct digital manufacturing technologies and methods—such as Fab Labs and 3D printing—on design and manufacturing. These technologies and methods lead to a new type of manufacturing industry which operates locally and in networks. Incumbent industry is equally making use of these new paradigms.

These developments have consequences for at least two important resources—people and places. New practices in industry, but also in research and development, require new skills, attitudes and knowledge from employees. New patterns in industry change the requirements for the locations where manufacturing takes place which in turn impacts on urban development and spatial planning.

Peter’s work covers four domains: research, education, business and Rotterdam

  • Research (implications): explore, explain, extrapolate
  • Education (hogeschool): cross-disciplinary education, applied research
  • Business (applications): opportunities and risks, business models, innovation, collaboration
  • Rotterdam (urban development): city of Rotterdam; creative industry and manufacturing; port (logistics, maintenance, (maritime) engineering)

The chair is shared with the research centre Sustainable PortCity.